Adjustable Cable Organizer (Set of 4)

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Say goodbye to disorganised cords thanks to this handy cable management sleeve pack that binds all your cords into one so that you no longer have to worry about unsightly tangled cables.

Set of 4 neoprene cable sleeves with zip-up manages and conceals cables while providing easy access. The form-fitting neoprene stretchy material allows for multiple cables and flexibility (each sleeve can hold up to 8-10 cables). You can double the capacity by zipping up two sleeves together.

The binding is crimped along the edges to prevent tearing and damage and they are waterproof to avoid wetting the cables.

Easy to use, all you need to do is gather the cables together, wrap the sleeve around and zip-up, perfect for the office or home.

  • Keeps cords neat and organised
  • Protects wires against damage from pets
  • Ideal for TV entertainment systems, computer monitors and more
  • Flexible sleeve design with strong zipper
  • Each sleeve is approx. 49cm long and 10cm wide (unzipped)

Dimensions:11 x 19 x 4cm