Collapsible Folding Basket 16L

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A fantastically multipurpose companion for your next adventure. When space is at a premium, the Master Class Collapsible Basket has an ingenious solution. It collapses to less than half its original height for quick, convenient storage in car boots, backpacks and tents.

With a gentle pull, the collapsed basket pops up and becomes three dimensional and deceptively strong. It’s made of rigid plastic with durable, flexible rubber sides.

Whether you’re washing clothes or carrying camping supplies, you’ll be able to utilise the entirety of its generous sixteen-litre capacity without questioning its integrity.

Fantastically multipurpose, yet modest-looking, it is not only an absolute essential for happy campers, hikers and motor-homes but an indispensable tool for small flats and family homes that are crying out for a little extra room.