Combined Dish Rack and Drying Mat

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Space saving combined Dish Rack and Drying Mat that can be folded and put away after use. The perfect dish rack for those who want to keep their kitchen clean and tidy at all times. Suitable for the smaller families who don't always want the dish drainer on the sink or even for those larger families who need extra space!

The super absorbent mat will ensure that the water is absorbed without spilling excess water everywhere. The softness of the mat is great for resting those delicate glasses so they are not sitting on a hard surface. 

Simple and effective dish drying mat that is lightweight and has the ability to hold 8 plates, small or large and a section with stability pegs that you can place mugs etc on so they don't move around, with the added absorbent mat which also holds additional items like pots and pans.

You can wash the mat in the washing machine when needed and can travel with you whenever you need!

Mat size: 20" x 15"

Dimensions: 17 x 38 x 6cm