Discover Electricity

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The ‘Young Einstein’ in your life will be delighted as they explore the wonders of electricity by making their own lemon-powered clock, creating electric circuits and experimenting with static electricity.

Discover Electricity is the perfect gift for inquiring young minds. The activities in this kit are fun and educational, providing a strong introduction to the exciting world of science. By combining the items in this kit with common household objects, Discover Electricity shows science enthusiasts how to do super-exciting experiments, simply and safely, at home.

Each Discover Electricity kit contains:
• 1 battery holder
• 2 light globes
• 2 light globe holders
• 4 alligator leads/clips
• 1 felt cloth
• 3 galvanised metal nails
• 1 LCD display clock
• 3 copper discs
• 2 aluminum plates
• 1 Styrofoam plate
• 24-page book

Discover Electricity is a great educational gift that keeps the focus on fun!