Handy Brite, Heavy Duty, Cordless LED Light

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Introducing handy Brite the ultra-bright cordless LED work light. Handy Brite fills any space with a blanket of powerful, bright light wherever you need it. The secret is handy Brite's 20 ultra-bright cob LED bulbs that produce 500 lumens of light and lasts over 100, 000 hours. Handy Brite's cordless design is hassle-free for all your important projects. No more messy wires getting in the way! The unique stand up design lets you work hands free! The built-in swivel hook lets you hang it anywhere you need bright & Wide light! Perfect for hanging it in the pantry or closet! Great for tasks in low lighting, tight spaces, even emergencies. Handy Brite's even has a powerful magnetic base that attaches to any metal surface. Handy Brite is compact and lightweight, so you can bring it with you anywhere! Keep it in your tool Box, glove box or in your kitchen drawer. Handy Brite is made from high quality materials that make it weather proof, durable and built to last! Handy Brite's rubberized comfort grip is ergonomic and ensures a non-slip grip. Handy Brite is great for car repairs, camping, fishing, hunting, and more. Handy Brite is the ideal work light that brings ultra-bright light to any space!