Lawless Ladies

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A story collection about women who broke the rules without apology.Step aside Robin Hood and your merry men, these outlaw stories aren't fairytales for small children. They are true tales of real women that every young person should know.Adventurous, daring and often amusing, the leading women in these outrageous true stories prove that it was not just men who sailed the seven seas, held up stagecoaches and conned their way into fortunes. These women went after what they wanted, refusing to be bound by the law or society's expectations of them.These outlaws are Charming Knowing Acting Confounding Vengeful Canny Conning Negotiating Redemptive WiseThese fast paced, action packed tales are stories that have been lost, stories that have remained untold. The stories come from around the world and across history, but the single thing they share is that each is about a truly lawless woman.