Pet First Aid Kit

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The pet first aid kit with handles is easy to carry around in any environment or can be left in the car for those emergencies.

You never know what your dog/puppy will get up to while out and about so why not be prepared with this small but practical first aid kit.

Heavy duty fabric and a zipper that allows for it to be opened fully out, very handy when needing to find somewhere clean to prep what you need.

Included in the kit:

1.Scissors 9cm: 1pc

2.Tweezers 10cm: 1pc

3.Alcohol pad 5X5cm: 6pcs

4.Adhesive tape 1.25*400cm: 1 roll

5.Gauze pad 5x5cm: 2pcs

6.PBT bandage 5X450cm: 1 roll

7.PBT bandage 7.5X450cm: 1 roll

8.Tourniquet 2.5x46cm: 1 roll

9.Pvc gloves: 1pcs

10.Band aids that are shaped to use on almost any area

11.First aid kit 19 X 11.5cm

Dimensions: 19 x 12.5 x 5cm