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The original and the best, scrabble is a sure way of proving just how clever you are. A war with words, this classic board game challenges you to create the highest scoring words by occupying those treasured triple and double word score places. Every word counts when you’re playing one of the world’s most popular word game. Featuring thick board in modern colors and chic black styling, This game is for two to four players, and the object is to compete for the highest score by forming interlocking words in crossword fashion on the Scrabble board. Tiles display letters with various score values. Earn higher scores by using the tiles in locations and combinations that make the most use of both the letter values and the premium squares. For example, triple-letter score, double-word score on the board earn greater points.




Includes 1x  Thick board

               4x tile holders,

               100x plastic letter tiles,

               1x letter bag

2-4 players

Ages 8

Develops spelling, vocabulary, creativity and math skills