Space Building Set-STEM

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Nurture the mind of your future builder with this fun STEM Jr. Space Building Set! 

STEM Jr. Space Builder is a magnificent toy for introducing your child to length, height and width. With the different types of plates, different areas and shapes and different stick lengths your child must seek out the appropriate plate shape and stick length in order to create a robust structure.

Your child will also begin to understand the basics behind geometry. The ball connectors for the sticks can be connected in up to 26 different ways. When creating an area for a plate, the sticks must be placed in the ball connectors in the right slot in order to create symmetrical angles.

There are also 4 wheels included so vehicles of all sorts can be created.

With 160 pieces the only limit is your child's imagination for what they can create. 


  • Pieces: 160
  • 5 different plate shapes
  • 4 different stick lengths
  • Instruction booklet showing 24 designs
  • Supports the developmental growth of hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, & spatial awareness
  • Recommended for ages 3+ years