The Art Studio Sketching Set with Table Easel 44 pieces

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Searching for the perfect table-top easel and sketch set to get started on your art journey? Look no further! This 44-piece art studio sketch set with a table-top easel has everything you need to create beautiful artwork. It has an array of media packed inside so you'll be ready to start drawing in no time! Inside you'll find: 12 sketch pencils, 3 charcoal pencils, 4 charcoal sticks, 6 graphite sticks, 3 compressed charcoal sticks, 1 kneadable eraser, 1 PVC eraser, 4 woodless graphite pencils, 4 jumbo compressed charcoal sticks, 1 blending stump, 1 manakin, 1 sanding block and1 sketch pad (9x12 inches).

A great gift for artists of all levels, the set provides the ideal materials for them to learn, practice and perfect their craft. So grab your pencils and get ready to begin the journey of creating a masterpiece with this table-top easel with sketching set!