The Miss Lily - 5 Copy Box Set

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This incredible Miss Lily Box is the ultimate gift for someone that loves to get lost in a good book. Brought to us by the incredibly talented Jackie French each of the five books in this set tells a thrilling tale of love, excitement, adventure, and more!


The first thing to note about this incredible box set is that it comes packaged in a very stylish looking slipcase that keeps all five books safe and clean. It boasts some amazing artwork, artwork which is also used for each of the five covers. The Miss Lily series from Jackie French truly is timeless and these are great stories for people that want to read exciting tales about strong and powerful women from a period of time when it was not as easy to be a woman as it is today.


The books in this collection are, Miss Lily’s Lovely Ladies, The Lily, and the Rose, Lilies, Lies, and Love, The Lily in the Snow, and Legends of the Lost Lilies. From finding out why Miss Lily draws young women to her, to a blackmail plot with Adolf Hitler to a story involving King Richard the 3rd! These are truly captivating stories and the way that Jackie French is able to capture these periods of time is truly remarkable and you will find yourself being whisked away to these places and feel like you are actually in each story.


Key Features:

  • This set contains all five books from the amazing Miss Lily series
  • Jackie French truly is a master writer and each book is amazing in its own way
  • These stories truly are timeless and are fun to read over and over again
  • Anyone that enjoys stories about strong and independent women will love these books!
  • The set comes packaged in a very stylish looking slipcase