USB Rechargeable LED Waterproof Torch

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The USB rechargeable superbright flashlight is a compact light that is small enough fit in your handbag, glovebox or even your pocket.

There are 3 light modes, strong, medium and flash SOS with a lighting range of up to 200mt!

To charge the flashlight you just need to plug into a USB and within 3.5 hours it will be ready to go again. Once the flashlight is charged you will have a use time of 6-7 hours and the flashlight has a total use time of 50,000 hours. All those hours of use and no expensive batteries to worry about.

A very durable light that has an IPX44 waterproof rating which means that it is protected against solid objects that are bigger than 1mm and water splashing from all directions.

Dimensions: 4 x 13 x 3.5cm