Woody Guthrie: Songs and Art * Words and Wisdom

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America's greatest folk singer and songwriter, philosopher, political analyst, and man-of-the-people, Woody Guthrie and his passionate social politics and deep humanity are as crucial in the America of today as they were in the turbulent 1930s and 1940s. He wrote well over 3,000 songs (including 'This Land is Your Land'), yet he was also a poet, painter, illustrator, novelist, journal keeper, and great letter writer. This fresh, intimate, and beautifully designed book tells Woody's story largely through his own personal writing, lyrics, and artwork, bringing his voice urgently to life. Woody's essential self portrait, carefully-curated by Woody's daughter Nora and award-winning music historian Robert Santelli, is supplemented with contributions by Chuck D., Ani DiFranco, Douglas Brinkley, Arlo Guthrie, and others. Featuring never-before-published handwritten lyrics to some of his greatest songs, personal diary entries, doodles, jokes, and piercing insights on politics and justice, this is an undeniable and important celebration of Woody's powerful life's work.